Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain

Understand the nature of pain, how it’s treated, how to ensure proper treatment, and know your rights as a patient with pain.

Pain Care Bill of Rights

As a Person With Pain, You Have:

The right to have your report of pain taken seriously and to be treated with dignity and respect by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The right to have your pain thoroughly assessed and promptly treated.

The right to be informed by your doctor about what may be causing your pain, possible treatments, and the benefits, risks and costs of each.

The right to participate actively in decisions about how to manage your pain.

The right to have your pain reassessed regularly and your treatment adjusted if your pain has not been eased.

The right to be referred to a pain specialist if your pain persists.

The right to get clear and prompt answers to your questions, take time to make decisions, and refuse a particular type of treatment if you choose.

American Pain Foundation. Available at http://www.painfoundation.org

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