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Featured Stories

Be inspired and enlightened by these featured stories about managing pain or providing care for someone in pain. Each feature provides strategies and coping tips for better pain management.

Featured Stories | Country Legend Joins Partners Against Pain®

Naomi Judd on Pain Management

Singer, songwriter and patient advocate Naomi Judd is lending her voice to Partners Against Pain to raise awareness about the urgent need to address untreated and undertreated pain in America.

Naomi, a former nurse, knows how debilitating pain can impact a person's mind, body and spirit. She has personally seen how it affected a dear friend who suffered excruciating pain from terminal pancreatic cancer. She also knows that managing pain effectively can change lives.

"That's why I am speaking out—pain can and should be treated. For some people, pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional," says Naomi. "Untreated pain can interfere with everyday activities that most of us take for granted: going to work, driving a car, or even hugging your children or grandchildren."

In many cases, treating pain involves an integrative approach that combines prescription medications with complementary techniques such as physical therapy, acupuncture and massage. Since each person's pain is unique and different, Naomi is encouraging patients to learn as much as they can and act as their own advocate to get proper care.

She also hopes her involvement with Partners Against Pain will help to change the way pain is perceived, and inspire those in pain to stay determined to get relief. "I want people with pain to know they're not alone, and that help is available. You have the right to be heard and to be taken seriously. You have the right to have your pain adequately managed."

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), approximately 100 million adults in the United States suffer from common chronic pain conditions.1


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