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Find the information, encouragement and tools you need to address the challenges of caring for your loved one in pain.

Caregiver Corner

Pain in the Elderly

Pain in the Elderly<

For understandable reasons, pain is a major concern that needs to be addressed in the elderly population. Principles to help you provide the best possible care for the elderly who are in pain include believing them when they insist that they are in pain and reassuring them that they have the right to pain control. Also included in this section are three basic tips on how to evaluate pain and suggestions on improving the chances for obtaining pain relief in the elderly.

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Assessing Pain in Loved Ones with Dementia

Assessing Pain in Loved Ones with Dementia

Persistent pain is common among older persons, who are more likely to suffer from problems such as arthritis and other chronic conditions. The person with dementia often has trouble communicating his or her feelings or thoughts, and this can mean the inability to tell you that a physical problem such as pain exists. Included here are five clues to look for that may indicate he or she is experiencing pain.

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Support for Caregivers

Support for Caregivers

The efforts and sacrifices of caregivers are essential to enhancing the quality of life of loved ones and family friends. However, many caregivers are often so busy with providing care for others that they often disregard the basic needs for themselves. Partners Against Pain recognizes that caregivers need to actively care for their own physical, emotional and mental well-being and is extending its commitment to support caregivers in a variety of ways.

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Caregiver Cornerstones Brochure

Caregiver Cornerstones Brochure

This brochure was developed to assist family members and caregivers. It is built around the four Caregiver Cornerstones: learning about pain management, caring for a person with pain, caring for yourself, and advocating for all people with pain.

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Home Care of the Hospice Patient (also available in Spanish)

Home Care of the Hospice Patient

This booklet has been developed for pain caregivers to help them deal with some of the problems and concerns that may arise when caring for a terminally ill person in the home.

Download Hospice Patient Booklet (English) Download Hospice Patient Booklet (Spanish)

Patient & Caregiver Pain Tracking Kit

Download all of the useful pain tracking PDF tools in a single file. Kit includes:

  • Records for keeping track
  • Pain management log
  • Daily pain diary

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